Principles of Posterior Fossa Surgery 1st Edition

It was a pleasure to review this book, which is very comprehensive in itscoverage on the diagnosis, management, and ...

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It was a pleasure to review this book, which is very comprehensive in its
coverage on the diagnosis, management, and prognosis of diseases of the
posterior fossa. This book has described extensively and accurately the
anatomical aspects of posterior fossa through skull base and intraoperative
images, with apt correlation to the
radiological imaging. This correlation
enables the reader to understand and remember better the normal anatomy of
posterior fossa. -- American Journal of
The ability to operate successfully in the posterior fossa requires a
thorough understanding of its neuroanatomy and physiology, accurate localization
of lesions, and optimal surgical technique. Principles of Posterior Fossa Surgery provides an in-depth review of this complex
surgical region, with detailed coverage of anatomy, pathology, imaging,
disease-based management, and surgical approaches. Written by a team of highly
respected specialists, it will be a valued reference and refresher for
clinicians who perform posterior fossa surgery, as well as for trainees.
Special Features:

Begins with a useful framework in neuroimaging,
neuropathology, and microsurgical anatomy of the posterior cranial fossa
Covers a wide range of approaches and pathologies in
the region, including congenital Chiari malformations, infections, trauma,
aneurysms, and tumors
Highlights the anatomy of common surgical approaches,
with numerous radiographic and endoscopic images that aid in visualizing
Provides full coverage of surgical techniques,
starting with basic concepts and progressing to operations on more challenging
entities like petroclival meningiomas, jugular bulb tumors, acoustic neuromas,
complex basilar aneurysms, and posterior circulation aneurysms
Includes comprehensive sections on surgical management
of pediatric posterior fossa tumors and shunt surgery for lesions
Shares the insights of prominent neurosurgeons from top centers around the world, who discuss their preferred strategies for tackling this challenging area of the brain

Focusing solely on the posterior fossa, this book fills an important
gap for neurosurgeons, skull base specialists, and residents and fellows who are
training in this anatomically challenging region. It will enrich their
understanding and knowledge of the field, expand their surgical armamentarium,
and help achieve the most successful clinical outcomes.

Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 1588906639
Posted on: 2/23/2017
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 272 Pages
Author: Anil Nanda,:

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