Clinical 3T Magnetic Resonance 1st Edition

Here is the first textbook to present a practical overview of the basicprinciples and clinical applications for 3 te ...

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Here is the first textbook to present a practical overview of the basic
principles and clinical applications for 3 tesla (3 T) MR imaging. Organized
into sections according to anatomical location, each case study is presented in
a concise, two-page unit that enables the reader to digest and review the
material in small sections. The author describes the situations that dictate the
use of 3 T and explains the numerous clinical advantages of this field strength
by drawing comparisons to corresponding studies at 1.5 T.

Case studies from leading international experts
covering the breadth of clinical MR
Recommendations for how to optimize image quality and
how to interpret the clinical findings
Easy-to-follow descriptions of the strengths and
limitations of 3 T
400 high-quality clinical images and illustrations
depicting key concepts
Discussion of the various pulse sequence approaches


Clinical 3T Magnetic Resonance is essential reading for
all radiologists, radiology residents, MR physicists, and MR technologists
seeking to master this emerging diagnostic tool.

Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 1588904032
Posted on: 2/23/2017
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 264 Pages
Author: Val Runge,: Val M Runge,
Wolfgang R Nitz,:

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