Interventional Breast Imaging 1st Edition

Interventional Breast Imaging: Ultrasound, Mammography, and MR Guidance TechniquesPraise for this book:"This teachin ...

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Interventional Breast Imaging: Ultrasound, Mammography, and MR Guidance Techniques

Praise for this book:
"This teaching textbook is highly recommended to any radiologist." --Clinical Imaging May 2011, Antonio F. Govoni, MD

"The difference [between this book] with traditional books presenting radiological cases is based on the choice by the authors to present each case as a quiz thereby stimulating the reader to test his/her experience and technical knowledge." --Clinical Imaging May 2011,
Aldo Morra, MD

"Simulates the experience of having the direct supervision of a more seasoned radiologist could find the answer to virtually any question about breast imaging interventional procedures in this book." --Doody's Review
Written by a team of experts, this practical how-to guide provides a systematic overview of the most current image-guided interventional techniques used to diagnose breast abnormalities.
In the first part of the book, the authors discuss how to acquire tissue samples using minimally invasive procedures such as ultrasound-, x-ray-, and MRI-based interventions, and present information on pretherapeutic localization and classification of lesions. The second part of the book covers the essentials of fine-needle aspiration and cytologic assessment, followed by a chapter on histologic evaluation and up-to-date pathology reporting categories for core and vacuum biopsy specimens.



1,295 high-quality clinical images from the authors'
daily practice illustrate radiographic findings and examination approaches
More than 50 cases studies for self-assessment
Separate chapters on patient preparation,
instrumentation, galactography and ductoscopy, and sentinel node biopsy
Color-coded text boxes highlight tips, tricks, pitfalls,
checklists, and guidelines for rapid review of essential concepts
Consistent chapter structure for maximum accessibility


Interventional Breast Imaging is a must-have resource for all radiologists and gynecologists.
It will improve the accuracy and confidence of any clinician involved in image-guided breast interventions.

Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 3131467010
Posted on: 2/22/2017
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 264 Pages
Author: Uwe Fischer,: Friedemann Baum,
Uwe Fischer,: Friedemann Baum,

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