A Reader in Health Policy and Management 1st Edition

 "I enjoyed leafing through this collection, and seeing some of the 'modern classics' in the sociology of health exc ...

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"I enjoyed leafing through this collection, and seeing some of the 'modern classics' in the sociology of health excerpted - the excerpts being almost impossibly brief, although understandably so. It is good for academic-jockeys to lead practitioner-horses to the edge of heady intellectual waters- as long as they don't end up the infamous creek without a paddle. Enough mixed metaphors... I enjoyed it - really." Calum Paton, Professor of Health Policy, Keele University, UK
"This book introduces the reader to many of the most important debates in health policy today through a judicious selection of contributions from a range of disciplines. It will be invaluable in helping students find their way in to a diverse and complex field of study, and should also whet their appetites to go to the sources to explore these debates in greater depth."
Chris Ham, Professor of Health Policy and Management, Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham, UK
"This book shows the great benefits of expert selection of the best writings on the subject. Our starting point for the future is what we inherit - the ideas and structures from the past. This book shows us how we got here, and the choices for the future. In an age of Kindle and downlodable PDFs, this selection of the best in one place is invaluable to researchers, practitioners, and leaders of learning programmes. We are shaped by history, but unknowingly. Knowing our history, can free us from it. We can build on the best and avoid repeating old mistakes."
Dr John Ovretveit, Director of Research and Professor of Health Innovation and Evaluation, Medical Management Centre, The Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
"The authors have collected a good range of papers with some going back to establishment of the NHS and others drawing on healthcare in other countries to provide comparison and contrast. A few of the articles will be familiar to anyone engaged in formal learning about healthcare, but there is plenty of new material and the favourites sit well with the more unfamiliar work. All of the papers are of high standard and the reader will need to pay attention to get the most from them – there's no 'Healthcare for Dummies' here."
Andrew Palmer, Student, Queens University Belfast, UK
This reader offers instant access to fifty classic and original readings in health policy and management. Compiled by experts, the editors introduce a framework setting out the key policy drivers and policy levers, giving a conceptual framework that provides context for each piece.
Ten key themes are covered that are relevant to managers and practitioners working in healthcare systems throughout the world and reflect much of the content of postgraduate programmes in health policy and management. These are:

The role of the state in healthcare
The policy making process
The allocation and distribution of resources
Markets and choice in healthcare
Accountability and regulation
Quality and safety
General management and governance
Evidence based health policy and management
The social context of health
Cultural critiques of formalised healthcare systems

Each section containing a set of readings has an introduction and a summary of key points, references and further reading so readers can explore areas of interest in more depth.
A Reader in Health Policy and Management is an ideal companion text to Healthcare Management (edited by Kieran Walshe and Judith Smith) and is key reading for postgraduate students, managers, leaders and clinicians working in healthcare. It will also be of interest to those working in partnership with healthcare organisations and located in the public sector, independent and voluntary sectors.

Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 0335233686
Posted on: 2/20/2017
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 312 Pages
Author: Ann Mahon,: Kieran Walshe,
Naomi Chambers,: Walshe Kieran,
Chambers Naomi,: Ann Mahon,
Mahon Ann,:

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