Oracle Performance Survival Guide 1st Edition

Oracle Performance Survival Guide A Systematic Approach to Database Optimization The fast, complete, start-to-finish ...

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Oracle Performance Survival Guide
A Systematic Approach to Database Optimization
The fast, complete, start-to-finish guide to optimizing Oracle performance
Oracle Performance Survival Guide offers a structured, systematic, start-to-finish methodology for optimizing Oracle performance as efficiently as possible. Leading Oracle expert Guy Harrison shows how to maximize your tuning investment by focusing on causes rather than symptoms, and by quickly identifying the areas that deliver the greatest “bang for the buck.”
Writing for DBAs and developers with all levels of experience, Harrison covers every area of Oracle performance management, from application design through SQL tuning, contention management through memory and physical IO management. He also presents up-to-the-minute guidance for optimizing the performance of the Oracle 11g Release 2.  
You’ll start by mastering Oracle structured performance tuning principles and tools, including techniques for tracing and monitoring Oracle execution. Harrison illuminates the interaction between applications and databases, guides you through choosing tuning tools, and introduces upfront design techniques that lead to higher-performance applications. He also presents a collection of downloadable scripts for reporting on all aspects of database performance. 
Coverage includes
     •    “Tuning by layers,” the most effective, highest-value approach to Oracle performance optimization
     •    Making the most of Oracle’s core tools for tracing, monitoring, and diagnosing performance 
     •    Highly efficient database logical and physical design, indexing, transaction design, and API use 
     •    SQL and PL/SQL tuning, including the use of parallel SQL techniques
     •    Minimizing contention for locks, latches, shared memory, and other database resources
     •    Optimizing memory and physical disk IO
     •    Tuning Real Application Cluster (RAC) databases

Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 0137011954
Posted on: 1/24/2017
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 744 Pages
Author: Guy Harrison,:

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