Leading Healthcare IT Managing to Succeed 1st Edition

Healthcare IT is a complex and rapidly evolving field. Success in this arena requires the ability to create a vision ...

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Healthcare IT is a complex and rapidly evolving field. Success in this arena requires the ability to create a vision, set a strategy, foster collaboration, develop a plan and execute flawlessly every day. This book provides a clear, concise roadmap for professionals who currently manage, direct or oversee healthcare IT. Through case studies and examples, the author includes highly relevant topics such as delivering and communicating HIT values, managing information security, and connectivity challenges, as well as organizational strategy, alignment and vision of HIT, risk management, performance management and process improvement using Lean methodologies.

About the Author
Susan Snedaker, MBA, CISM, CPHIMS, CHICIO is an experienced healthcare IT leader. She is currently the Director of Infrastructure and Operations as well as the Information Security Officer at a large community hospital in southern Arizona. Ms. Snedaker brings her IT and business background to healthcare IT and she has achieved strong business, technology and financial results. Ms. Snedaker has written books on disaster recover, information security and project management.

"Leading Healthcare IT: Managing to Succeed provides a practical framework for understanding critical skills and concepts needed to be an effective healthcare IT leader."

Cara Babachicos - CIO Community Hospitals and Post Acute, Partners Healthcare

"Susan has done an excellent job of expressing and exploring the details of modern healthcare technology in our complex industry. This book is written for all audiences whether non-tech savvy senior leaders to the front-line health IT professional. Her work on consolidating difficult concepts into understandable and digestible information should be lauded. It has earned a place on my HIT resource shelf!"

Russell P. Branzell, FCHIME, CHCIO, President ??& CEO CHIME

"Leading Healthcare IT: Managing to Succeed is a comprehensive guide to healthcare IT leadership. Susan Snedaker relies on her wide experience in IT to relay complex topics in a clear and understandable manner. Her recommendations provide readers with powerful, actionable tools. A recommended read for IT leaders and leaders to be!"

Leila Shehab, MA, MPA, PMP, HealthCare IT Professional

"In Leading Healthcare IT, Susan Snedaker shows you how to dramatically increase the value you bring to your organization as an IT professional. Susan systematically demonstrates how to succeed as a CIO or IT Manager, through specific business alignment and risk management activities. She seamlessly guides you through defining and communicating the true and complete business value of your IT organization in moving the organization forward. Susan shows you how to get your staff to perform at their best and deliver the most value to your organization. In fact, every IT professional should read this book, it certainly isn't just for healthcare IT!"

Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 1498774091
Posted on: 1/14/2017
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Page Count: 218 Pages
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