Apples HomeKit Smart Home Automation System Handbook 1st Edition

For users of Apple devices, HomeKit will be an easy way to automate your home.If you’re thinking using about using a ...

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For users of Apple devices, HomeKit will be an easy way to automate your home.
If you’re thinking using about using an Apple based platform to build your smart home then pick up your copy of the latest edition of the Apple’s HomeKit Smart Home Automation System Handbook.
The Apple's HomeKit system has the potential to make smart homes go mainstream. In this seventh book in the Smart Home Automation Essential Guides series, Gerard explains the ‘ins and outs’ of the Apple HomeKit platform.
This book explains the key benefits of Apple’s new smart home automation environment called HomeKit. Additionally, this short book will provide you with insights into the following HomeKit topics:

Details about the simple steps in setting up HomeKit on your iPhone or iPad
The growing number of smart home product categories with Homekit capabilities
Using Siri to control your smart home
HomeKit capabilities when used with the Apple Watch and iBeacons in the final section of this book

Updated as of November 7, with new information
As with all Gerard’s books; technical illustrations, practical HomeKit applications, insights from Gerard and details of and details of some awesome free smart home training workshop are provided in this publication.
Please note that Apple HomeKit is new and evolving. Therefore, customers who have purchased the book will receive updates to coincide with HomeKit refinements taking place over the coming months and indeed years!
Curious about how to setup an Apple HomeKit based smart home system at a reasonable cost! Then click the Add to Cart button.

Edition: 1st Edition
Posted on: 1/9/2017
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Page Count: 90 Pages
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