Neonatal Cardiology 2nd Edition

A full-color guide to understanding, evaluating, and treating heart disease in fetuses and newbornsA Doody's Core Ti ...

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A full-color guide to understanding, evaluating, and treating heart disease in fetuses and newborns
A Doody's Core Title for 2011!
"The illustrations are superb, with many full-color presentations and very clear radiographs and echocardiographic images....This is a well-written and concise book which has been needed to update the first edition published nearly a decade ago. It is well suited for the advanced trainee to use clinically and prepare for board exams.... it presents the essentials in a very readable and beautifully illustrated manner."--Doody's Review Service
Neonatal Cardiology is the trusted go-to guide for pediatricians and neonatologists needing concise, practical guidance on the evaluation and management of newborns with heart disease and other cardiac functional abnormalities. Focusing on physiology, mechanics, and presentation of congenital heart disease, this full-color resource provides a succinct, yet complete overview of neonatal cardiology.
Neonatal Cardiology opens with discussions of basic aspects of embryology of the heart and a review of normal and abnormal muscle function. From there, you are led through the clinical assessment of patients with an array of cardiac abnormalities. Management and treatment follow, beginning with a basic chapter on the principles of medical management, followed by drug therapy and post-operative care. The book concludes with a chapter on Epidemiology, Etiology, and Genetics of Congenital Heart Disease.

Full-color presentation with new radiographic images and explanatory illustrations of normal and abnormal anatomy, blood flow patterns, and the effects of various treatment options
Suggested readings appear at the end of each chapter for more in-depth study
Includes coverage of: Excessive pulmonary blood flow, cyanosis, inadequate systemic perfusion, cardiomyopathies, and arrhythmias, Cardiovascular drug therapy, Neurology of congenital heart disease, and Perinatal Cardiovascular Physiology

Edition: 2nd Edition
ISBN: 0071635793
Posted on: 1/3/2017
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 321 Pages
Author: Michael Artman,: Lynn Mahoney,
David Teitel,:

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