The Excel PivotTable Handbook 1st Edition

Analyze Complex Data more Efficiently by Mastering Excel’s PivotTables!Excel offers a huge array of data analysis fe ...

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Analyze Complex Data more Efficiently by Mastering Excel’s PivotTables!

Excel offers a huge array of data analysis features and is an important resource which businesses can use for tracking customers, finding sales trends, creating invoices, charting progress, making important calculations and doing data analyses that help decide future business plans.
One of the most useful features in Excel is perhaps PivotTables, which can create tables that can summarize complex data.
The PivotTable Handbook a special report prepared by the staff of Inside Microsoft Excel,offers a comprehensive review of all the functionalities of pivot tables. You will get expert knowledge on using PivotTable to quickly and efficiently organizing large amounts of data that is difficult to summarize in a logical way, or to examine the relationships between different data and for exploring trends over a period of time.
Whether you are a beginner trying to get more out of Excel, or a seasoned user who wants to delve deeper into the mysteries of PivotTables, this book will offer useful guidelines on optimizing the uses of PivotTables and Excel!
Dartnell’s PivotTable Handbook will cover:

The Prerequisites for data to be used in PivotTables
How to add fields to PivotTables
Adding a filter in a report
Changes in data source
Refreshing PivotTable and refreshing data manually
Making layout and formatting changes in PivotTable
Grouping data
Adding a slicer to PivotTable
Creating a PivotChart on a PivotTable
Modifying PivotChart style
Switching row and column data

Edition: 1st Edition
Posted on: 12/28/2016
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 67 Pages
Author: Dartnell Corp,:

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