Sergeys HTML5 CSS3 Quick Reference 2nd Edition

This book is updated in July 2015. The update includes HTML 5.1 beta & CSS4 (Level 4) coverage, such as NEW: 7 eleme ...

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This book is updated in July 2015. The update includes HTML 5.1 beta & CSS4 (Level 4) coverage, such as NEW: 7 elements, 22 attributes, 25 CSS selectors, 42 properties. This is the first ever book with HTML5.1 coverage.  Note, that the third party sellers may not have the latest version.
This book is also available in electronic formats (older 2012 version):

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HTML and CSS are the most essential and fundamental web languages, which provide the foundation for the vast majority of web sites and web applications. HTML5 is on track to become the future of the web, offering simple plug-in free Rich Internet Application capabilities, easier development, and enhanced user experience.

This book is an essential technical dictionary for professional web designers and developers, conveniently summarizing over 3000 pages of (X)HTML5 and CSS3 specifications and covering the most common and fundamental concepts and specs, including tags, attributes, values, objects, properties, methods, events, and APIs. Topics include: 

Introduction to HTML5
HTML5 and XTML5 syntax rules
Document semantic structure
Complete reference to HTML5 Elements and
Attributes including Web Forms 2.0
Global attributes and events
A complete summary of CSS3 properties
HTML5 APIs, including Canvas, SVG, Video, Audio, Web Workers, Web Sockets, Microdata, Geolocation, Web Storage and more.

The author's goal was to create a one-stop resource reference source which is comprehensive but still concise, simple, easy-to-read, and structured. This is the world's first HTML5 reference-style book. This is also the first book with XHTML5 coverage.

Edition: 2nd Edition
ISBN: 0983386722
Posted on: 12/25/2016
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 218 Pages
Author: Sergey Mavrody,: --------------------

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