Applied OpenStack Design Patterns 1st Edition

Design solutions for production-ready infrastructure with OpenStack componentsA unique practical concept that includ ...

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Design solutions for production-ready infrastructure with OpenStack components

A unique practical concept that includes all major OpenStack architectures together
Solve common orchestration problems by comparing major tools together
Adapt business impact analysis (BIA) to adopt new ways of implementation in the cloud infrastructure orchestration
Focus on the most common and complex problems of cloud infrastructure management

Learn practical and applied OpenStack cloud design solutions to gain maximum control over your infrastructure. You will achieve a complete controlled and customizable platform.
Applied OpenStack Design Patterns starts off with the basics of OpenStack and teaches you how to map your application flow. Application behavior with OpenStack components is discussed. Once components and architectural design patterns are set up, you will learn how to map native infrastructure and applications using OpenStack. 
Also covered is the use of storage management and computing to map user requests and allocations. The author takes a deep dive into the topic of High Availability and Native Cluster Management, including the best practices associated with it. The book concludes with solution patterns for networking components of OpenStack, to reduce latency and enable faster communication gateways between components of OpenStack and native applications.

What you will learn: 

Modern cloud infrastructure design techniques
Complex application infrastructure design solutions 
Understanding of various OpenStack cloud infrastructure components
Adoption and business impact analysis of OpenStack to support existing/new cloud infrastructure
Use of specific components of OpenStack which can integrate with an existing tool-chain set to gain agility and a quick, continuous delivery model

Who is this book for
Seasoned solution architects, DevOps, and system engineers and analysts.

Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 1484224531
Posted on: 12/21/2016
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 121 Pages
Author: Uchit Vyas,: --------------------

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