You CAN Teach MedSurg Nursing 1st Edition

 The Authoritative Guide and Toolkit for the Medical-Surgical Nursing Clinical This guide and resource will give you ...

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 The Authoritative Guide and Toolkit for the Medical-Surgical Nursing Clinical 
This guide and resource will give you all the direction and resources you need to perform in the role of a medical-surgical clinical instructorÖInstructors will discover this book takes the work out of working in the clinical area.î
This is the first comprehensive resource for clinical medical-surgical nursing instructors responsible for guiding students through their entire clinical rotation. Filling a huge gap in resources for instructors required to teach this course, it contains everything the new or adjunct instructor needs to teach expertly and confidently. The guide describes the role of medical-surgical instructor and provides an introduction to the clinical site. It features a week-by-week instructional plan for the clinical rotation and includes all materials necessary to effectively perform administrative leadership and supervision, assess studentsí knowledge and learning styles, maximize the learning process, simplify evaluation, and help ensure a smooth transition to clinical practice.
Brimming with helpful information, the guide will be a welcome companion to both experienced and novice medical-nursing instructors with its organizational teaching templates, teaching and learning resources, and evaluation materials. These include a course syllabus, comprehensive skills checklist, medication guidelines, resources for patient teaching, pre-and post-conference expectations and activities; even make-up assignments for students who miss a clinical class. Clinical instruction materials such as PowerPoints and simulation scenarios,are provided. Additionally, the book contains quizzes with answers, discussion questions, critical thinking exercises, and interactive student activities.
Key Features:

Comprises the first complete resource for successfully guiding students through their clinical rotations from start to finish
Helps to allay the ìfear factorî for new and adjunct clinical nursing instructors
Provides a week-by-week instructional guide that includes organizational teaching templates, teaching and learning resources, and evaluation aids
Includes numerous forms and templates to facilitate administrative responsibilities, student assessment, and student evaluation
Organizes key clinical information by body system and includes multiple interactive teaching tools

Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 0826119077
Posted on: 12/21/2016
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 352 Pages
Author: Mary Mille,: Deborah Wirwicz,

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