Component Oriented Development and Assembly 1st Edition

Paradigm, Principles, and Practice using JavaAlthough industry has been leveraging the advancements of component-ori ...

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Paradigm, Principles, and Practice using Java
Although industry has been leveraging the advancements of component-oriented development and assembly (CODA) technology for some time, there has long been a need for a book that provides a complete overview of the multiple technologies that support CODA. Filling this need, Component-Oriented Development and Assembly supplies comprehensive coverage of the principles, practice, and paradigm of component-oriented development and assembly.

The first part of the book provides the conceptual foundation for component-oriented software. Part II focuses on the various standard Java component models and describes how to develop a component-oriented system using these component models. Part III covers the various aspects of the component-oriented development paradigm.

Based on the authors’ research and teaching experience, the text focuses on the principles of component-oriented software development from a technical concepts perspective, designer’s perspective, programmer’s perspective, and manager’s perspective. Covering popular component development frameworks based on Java, it is suitable as a textbook for component-oriented software for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It is also an ideal reference for anyone looking to adopt the component-oriented development paradigm.

The book provides readers with access to all the source code used in the book on a companion site ( The source code for the CODA implementation of the case study presented in Chapter 11 is also hosted on the website. The website will also serve as a technical forum for further discussions on the topic and for any updates to the book.

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