DevOps for Digital Leaders 1st Edition

Reignite Business with a Modern DevOps-Enabled Software FactoryThis book provides digital leaders who are accountabl ...

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Reignite Business with a Modern DevOps-Enabled Software Factory
This book provides digital leaders who are accountable for the rapid development of high-quality software applications a concise guide to designing, implementing, measuring, and improving DevOps programs that are tailored to their organizations.In DevOps for Digital Leaders, deep collective experience on both sides of the dev–ops divide informs the global thought leadership and penetrating insights of the authors, all three of whom are cross-portfolio DevOps leaders at CA Technologies. Aruna Ravichandran, Kieran Taylor, and Peter Waterhouse analyze the organizational benefits, costs, freedoms, and constraints of DevOps. They chart the coordinated strategy of organizational change, metrics, lean thinking, and investment that an enterprise must undertake to realize the full potential of DevOps and reach the sweet spot where accelerating code deployments drive increasing customer satisfaction, revenue, and profitability. Digital leaders are charged to bridge the dev–ops disconnect if their organizations are to survive and flourish in a business world increasingly differentiated by the degree to which dynamic application software development harmonizes with operational resilience and reliability. This short book applies the DevOps perspective to the competitive challenge, faced by every high-performance IT organization today, of integrating and automating open source, cloud, and enterprise tools, processes, and techniques across the software development life cycle from requirements to release.
What Readers Will Learn:

Remove dependencies and constraints so that parallel practices can accelerate the development of defect-free software
Automate continuous delivery across the software life cycle to eliminate release bottlenecks, manual labor waste, and technical debt accumulation
Generate virtualized production-style testing of applications through real-time behavioral analytics
Adopt agile practices so operations teams can support developer productivity with automated feedback, streamline infrastructure monitoring, spot and resolve operations issues before they impact production, and improve customer experience
Identify the DevOps metrics appropriate to your organization and integrate DevOps with your existing best practices and investment


Who This Book Is For
IT leaders in large companies and government agencies who have any level of responsibility for the rapid development of high-quality software applications. The secondary readership is members of development and operations teams, security professionals, and service managers.

Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 1484218418
Posted on: 12/13/2016
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 192 Pages
Author: Aruna Ravichandran,: --------------------

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