Angular 2 Components 1st Edition

A quick and concise guide to Angular 2 Componentshis book is a concise guide to Angular 2 Components and is based on ...

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A quick and concise guide to Angular 2 Components
his book is a concise guide to Angular 2 Components and is based on the stable version of Angular 2. You will start with learning about the Angular 2 Components architecture and how components differ from Angular directives in Angular 1. You will then move on to quickly set up an Angular 2 development environment and grasp the basics of TypeScript. With this strong foundation in place, you will start building components.
The book will teach you, with an example, how to define component behavior, create component templates, and use the controller of your component. You will also learn how to make your components communicate with each other. Once you have built a component, you will learn how to extend it by integrating third-party components with it. By the end of the book, you will be confident with building and using components for your applications.

What You Will Learn

Break your application into reusable dynamic components
Take advantage of TypeScript in Angular 2
Migrate your Angular 1 directive to an Angular 2 Component
Understand the Angular 2 component structure and APIs
Hook to component life cycle events
Bind dynamic data to your component properties
Communicate with other components using events
Compose complicated UIs from simple components

Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 9781785882340
Posted on: 12/10/2016
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 124 Pages
Author: Nir Kaufman,: --------------------

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