Gamification with Unity 5 x 1st Edition

Key FeaturesAchieve your goals in a fun-filled way by creating gamification projects from scratchLeverage the Unity ...

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Key Features

Achieve your goals in a fun-filled way by creating gamification projects from scratch
Leverage the Unity 5.X toolkit to create stunning and appealing projects
Make your transition towards a pro project manager/ developer by learning tricks and techniques

Book Description
Are you looking at implementing gamification techniques for your business and wondering where to get a complete rundown of all the tricks and techniques? Well, you have come to the right place!
This book will start right from the basics such as gameplay elements and their functionalities before gradually moving onto creating your first gamification project from scratch.
You'll be given the tools and shown how to perform various techniques for creating gamified applications in different contexts. Finally, you will implement various game elements into Unity, publish your own task management application, and get to know the best practices and approaches when designing gamified experiences.
What you will learn

Assess your learners' abilities by setting up challenges and quests
Implement the game elements that relate to the project into Unity
Publish your own task management application to better engage readers
Improve your design using methods of playtesting and iteration
Issue OpenBadges to recognize achievements and set up an online database to store your users achievements.

About the Author
Lauren S. Ferro is a gamification consultant and designer of game and game-like applications. She has worked, designed, consulted, and implemented strategies for a range of different purposes, including professional development, recommendation systems, and educational games. She is an active researcher in the area of gamification, player profiling, and user-centered game design. Lauren runs workshops both for the general public and companies that focus on designing user-centered games and game-like applications. She is also the creator of a game design resource, Gamicards, which is a prototyping tool for both games and game-like experiences, which is centered on player's preferences for game elements and mechanics.
She is passionate about the future of games and the technologies surrounding them, as well as their potential to improve the lives people.
When she is not playing or creating games, you can find her flying kites, creating music, or whipping up a storm in the kitchen.
Table of Contents

The Anatomy of Games
Who or What Am I? Understanding the Player
An Engaged Player is a Happy Player
Organized Chaos - Getting Ideas Out of Your Head and on to Paper
Sculpting the Conceptual Beast
Breathing Life into Your First Creation - Creating and Importing Assets for Your Application
Get Your Motor Running
Break, Destroy, and Rebuild - the Art of Playtesting and Iteration
Graduating Your Project to Completion
Being the Best That You Can Be!

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Posted on: 12/8/2016
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