LiveCode Mobile Development Hotshot 1st Edition

Create your own exciting applications with 10 fantastic projectsThere are over 2,000 programming languages and sever ...

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Create your own exciting applications with 10 fantastic projects
There are over 2,000 programming languages and several that can be used to program mobile applications. LiveCode has proven itself a strong competitor in the mobile application development market. The power of this easy-to-learn programming environment will get you starting developing mobile apps from the very first chapter.
“LiveCode Mobile Development Hotshot” is a project-based guide to developing games and other apps for mobile devices using LiveCode. You will learn tricks and techniques for tackling even the most difficult mobile application topics. Best of all, you will be provided with 100% of the source code and have it explained too.
“LiveCode Mobile Development Hotshot” will present you with ten exciting projects that will expose you to different LiveCode programming techniques for mobile application development. The hands-on approach provides you with clear, step-by-step instructions in each chapter where a different type of mobile app is tackled. You will enhance your current knowledge of this programming language and build upon it by learning specific techniques and programming approaches to developing mobile applications. You will create your own calculator app, learn how to use menus for mobile apps, and design user interfaces that are optimized for mobile users. In the following projects, you will create a quiz game and learn how to use LiveCode to develop an entire game on one card. Other projects will look at using randomization and animation, as well as database control. Among the advanced features, you will learn about gathering information about a user’s device, how to create contextually aware objects, how to transfer scripts, how to use custom properties, how you can analyze and manipulate text, and how to use arrays.
“LiveCode Mobile Development Hotshot” is a complete solution for people that are familiar with LiveCode and want to start developing mobile apps.
What you will learn from this book

Create your first mobile app – Hello Planet!
Develop user interfaces
How to use math in mobile applications
Discover how to use custom menus
Optimize graphics for app efficiency and speed
Incorporate animation and sound
Incorporate in-app purchases and advertising
Create a quiz game
Explore how to use databases

Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 1849697485
Posted on: 12/3/2016
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 300 Pages
Author: Edward D Lavieri Jr,: --------------------

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