Advanced R 1st Edition

Data Programming and the CloudProgram for data analysis using R and learn practical skills to make your work more ef ...

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Data Programming and the Cloud
Program for data analysis using R and learn practical skills to make your work more efficient. This book covers how to automate running code and the creation of reports to share your results, as well as writing functions and packages. Advanced R is not designed to teach advanced R programming nor to teach the theory behind statistical procedures. Rather, it is designed to be a practical guide moving beyond merely using R to programming in R to automate tasks.
This book will show you how to manipulate data in modern R structures and includes connecting R to data bases such as SQLite, PostgeSQL, and MongoDB. The book closes with a hands-on section to get R running in the cloud. Each chapter also includes a detailed bibliography with references to research articles and other resources that cover relevant conceptual and theoretical topics.
What You Will Learn

Write and document R functions
Make an R package and share it via GitHub or privately
Add tests to R code to insure it works as intended
Build packages automatically with GitHub
Use R to talk directly to databases and do complex data management
Run R in the Amazon cloud
Generate presentation-ready tables and reports using R

Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 1484220765
Posted on: 11/22/2016
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 279 Pages
Author: Joshua F Wiley,: Matt Wiley,

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