Getting into Medical School For Dummies 1st Edition

Learn to:Grasp the step-by-step process and timeline of applying to medical schoolUnderstand what medical school adm ...

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Learn to:
Grasp the step-by-step process and timeline of applying to medical school
Understand what medical school admissions committees are really looking for
Navigate the MCAT and get ready for test day
Create your best medical school application
Clear, expert advice on applying to medical school
Getting accepted to medical school is a long and rigorous journey, and many students find they need help. If you're one of these students, Getting into Medical School For Dummies is the perfect tool to help you through the process and realize your dream. Written by an industry expert, it gives you a distinct advantage in the competitive medical school admissions process, preparing you for every step and helping you create your best application.
Premed 101 — find expert guidance on picking a major, choosing premedical courses, and making the most of your time outside the classroom through extracurricular activities
Sort it out — get an overview of the application process, plan for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), and put together a list of target schools that are a good fit for you
Weigh your options — explore osteopathic medical schools, get familiar with dual-degree programs, and investigate international medical schools
Get ready to go — discover the cost of medical school, plan a budget, and get to know the types of financial aid available to medical students
Open the book and find:
A timeline of the application process
Tips for tackling the MCAT
Advice on finding the best medical school for you
Guidance on putting together your best application
What to expect on interview day
Considerations for applicants with special circumstances, such as nontraditional applicants and reapplicants
Help with starting medical school on the right foot

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