Modular Programming with Python 1st Edition

Introducing modular methods for constructing refined applications utilizing PythonPython has developed over time and ...

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Introducing modular methods for constructing refined applications utilizing Python
Python has developed over time and has develop into the first alternative of builders in numerous fields. The aim of this e-book is to assist readers develop readable, dependable, and maintainable applications in Python.
Beginning with an introduction to the idea of modules and packages, this e-book reveals how you should use these constructing blocks to arrange a fancy program into logical components and ensure these components are working accurately collectively.
Utilizing clearly written, real-world examples, this e-book demonstrates how you should use modular methods to construct higher applications. A lot of frequent modular programming patterns are coated, together with divide-and-conquer, abstraction, encapsulation, wrappers and extensibility. Additionally, you will learn to check your modules and packages, tips on how to put together your code for sharing with different individuals, and tips on how to publish your modules and packages on GitHub and the Python Bundle Index in order that different individuals can use them. Lastly, you'll learn to use modular design methods to be a simpler programmer.
What you'll be taught

Discover ways to use modules and packages to arrange your Python code
Perceive tips on how to use the import assertion to load modules and packages into your program
Use frequent module patterns similar to abstraction and encapsulation to write down higher applications
Uncover tips on how to create self-testing Python packages
Create reusable modules that different programmers can use
Discover ways to use GitHub and the Python Bundle Index to share your code with different individuals
Make use of modules and packages that others have written
Use modular methods to construct strong programs that may deal with complexity and altering necessities over time

Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 1785884484
Posted on: 10/26/2016
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 246 Pages
Author: Erik Westra,: --------------------

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