Reactive Web Applications 1st Edition

Covers Play, Akka, and Reactive StreamsReactive applications build on top of components that communicate asynchronou ...

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Covers Play, Akka, and Reactive Streams
Reactive applications build on top of components that communicate asynchronously as they react to user and system events. As a result, they become scalable, responsive, and fault-tolerant. Java and Scala developers can use the Play Framework and the Akka concurrency toolkit to easily implement reactive applications without building everything from scratch.
Reactive Web Applications teaches web developers how to benefit from the reactive application architecture and presents hands-on examples using Play, Akka, Scala, and Reactive Streams. This book starts by laying out the fundamentals required for writing functional and asynchronous applications and quickly introduces Play as a framework to handle the plumbing of your application. The book alternates between chapters that introduce reactive ideas (asynchronous programming with futures and actors, managing distributed state with CQRS) and practical examples that show you how to build these ideas into your applications.

Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 163343009X
Posted on: 10/11/2016
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 328 Pages
Author: Manuel Bernhardt,: --------------------

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