Pro PowerShell for Database Developers 1st Edition

DEVELOP ROBUST APPLICATIONS AND ETL PROCESSES USING POWERSHELL Pro PowerShell for Database Developers helps you mast ...

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Pro PowerShell for Database Developers helps you master PowerShell application development by continuing where other books leave off. There are no “Hello World” functions here, just real-world examples that get down to business. Develop and deploy database and ETL applications in a reusable framework. Read from any data source and write to any destination. Integrate PowerShell with SQL Server.
Pro PowerShell for Database Developers shows how to dive into the PowerShell environment and customize it to your needs. Learn about CmdletBinding and its use in extending functions with powerful new features. Also learn to package functions into libraries called modules that are loaded automatically on demand.
PowerShell is about automation and getting work done when you’re not around to perform it. To that end you’ll see how to schedule PowerShell applications using SQL Agent and the scheduled job cmdlets. And for when you are around to run automated processes in person, you’ll learn to add a Windows GUI to your applications to give them that professional polish.
Other exciting topics include:
Creating objects with custom methods and properties and extending them with PowerShell-style inheritance.
Implementing function polymorphism using parameter sets.
Using PowerShell as an ETL tool surpassing even SSIS.
Creating distributed, interruptible, and multithreaded programs using PowerShell’s workflow engine and the .Net Windows Workflow Foundation.
All these topics are explained using real-world examples encapsulated into modules you can immediately put to use in your organization. You’ll reap even more as you come to grips with all that PowerShell can do. Begin the journey toward deep expertise and amazing productivity. Buy and read Pro PowerShell for Database Developers today.

Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 1484205421
Posted on: 10/9/2016
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 407 Pages
Author: Bryan P Cafferky,: --------------------

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