Learning Linux Shell Scripting 1st Edition

Unleash the power of shell scripts to solve real-world problems by breaking through the practice of writing tedious ...

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Unleash the power of shell scripts to solve real-world problems by breaking through the practice of writing tedious code
Linux is the one of the most powerful and universally adopted OSes. Shell is a program that gives the user direct interaction with the operating system. Scripts are collections of commands that are stored in a file. The shell can read this file and act on the commands as if they were typed on the keyboard. Shell scripting is used to automate day-to-day administration, and for testing or product development tasks.
This book covers Bash, GNU Bourne Again SHell, preparing you to work in the exciting world of Linux shell scripting. We start with an introduction to the Shell environment and explain basic commands used in Shell. Next we move on to check, kill, and control the execution of processes in Linux OS. Further, we teach you about the filter tools available in Linux and explain standard output and standard errors devices.
Then we will ensure you understand Shell’s interpretation of commands and get a firmer grasp so you use them in practice. Next, you’ll experience some real-world essentials such as debugging and perform Shell arithmetic fluently. Then you’ll take a step ahead and learn new and advanced topics in Shell scripting, such as starting up a system and customizing a Linux system. Finally, you’ll get to understand the capabilities of scripting and learn about Grep, Stream Editor, and Awk.
What You Will Learn

Familiarize yourself with the various text filtering tools available in Linux
Combine the fundamental text and file processing commands to process data and automate repetitive tasks
Understand expressions and variables and how to use them practically
Automate decision-making and save a lot of time and effort of revisiting code
Get to grips with advanced functionality such as using traps and signals and using dialogs to develop screens
Start up a system and customize a Linux system
Take an in-depth look at regular expressions and pattern matching to understand the capabilities of scripting

Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 1785286218
Posted on: 10/7/2016
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 306 Pages
Author: Ganesh Sanjiv Naik,: --------------------

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