Learning Unix for OS X 2nd Edition

Going Deep With the Terminal and ShellThink your Mac is powerful now? This practical guide shows you how to get much ...

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Going Deep With the Terminal and Shell
Think your Mac is powerful now? This practical guide shows you how to get much more from your system by tapping into Unix, the robust operating system concealed beneath OS X’s beautiful user interface. OS X puts more than a thousand Unix commands at your fingertips—for finding and managing files, remotely accessing your Mac from other computers, and using freely downloadable open source applications.
If you’re an experienced Mac user, this updated edition teaches you all the basic commands you need to get started with Unix. You’ll soon learn how to gain real control over your system.

Get your Mac to do exactly what you want, when you want
Make changes to your Mac’s filesystem and directories
Use Unix’s find, locate, and grep commands to locate files containing specific information
Create unique “super commands” to perform tasks that you specify
Run multiple Unix programs and processes at the same time
Access remote servers and interact with remote filesystems
Install the X Window system and learn the best X11 applications
Take advantage of command-line features that let you shorten repetitive tasks

Edition: 2nd Edition
ISBN: 1491939982
Posted on: 9/26/2016
Format: Pdf
Page Count: 246 Pages
Author: Dave Taylor,: --------------------

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